By Design

Lesli Ink is a design studio with an abundance of heart. We work passionately with our clients to build their existing brands or create new identities from the ground up. The process is never the same twice because each project comes with its own unique set of challenges. That’s the part we love!

We excel in understanding your business and providing the tools needed to help increase sales and services. When you win, we win! Wander down the page to view our portfolio. We’ve included some kudos as well, and you’ll see our recent award in How Magazine! ~ Lesli Scott, Founder & Creative Director

The Ink

Similar to the way ink translates ideas from pen to paper, our job is to connect you with your audience. As a company we are nimble, and able to scale our resources to match the exact needs of every project. We love what we do, we deliver on our promises and we’ve been known to add a healthy dose of fun to the mix.


  • Web Design & Development
  • Print Design of all kinds
  • Branding & Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Typography & Illustration


  • Passion & Creativity
  • Thorough Understanding
  • Effective Communication
  • Meeting Deadlines on Budget
  • Energy & Enthusiasm!